TKO 7032 – Signature 5 Stack Crossover

TKO’s Signature crossover series set a new value proposition in the heavy-duty, commercial multi-gym market by offering superior materials and features with precise biomechanics at one of the best price points on the market. The TKO 7032 5 stack gym adds a lat pulldown, low row, and triceps pressdown to one end of a cable crossover.


  • 8 Stack Premium Heavy Duty Cable Machine
  • Lat Pulldown Station – 200 Lbs Stack
  • Seated Row Station – 200 Lbs Stack
  • Triceps Pressdown Station – 160 Lbs Stack
  • Cable Crossover – 160 Lbs / Stack
  • Dimensions-  211″L x 139″W x 95″H
  • Machine Weight – 2087lbs
  • Brochure – TKO 7032 – SS 5 Stack Jungle Crossover


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