TKO 905LR – Seated Low Row

TKO’s Plate Loaded line offers heavy-duty designs, clean appearances, and precise biomechanics at a price point anyone can afford. The TKO 905LR provides two sets of grips for exercise variety. The overhead pivot point results in an upward arc at full contraction.


  • Over-sized 2″ x 4″ heavy gauge steel frame
  • Over-sized pivot points for durability
  • One-handed spring assisted seat adjustments
  • Dual position knurled brushed steel handles
  • Stainless steel plate holders and storage
  • Dimensions-  70″L x 57″W x 65″H
  • Machine Weight – 377 Lbs
  • Brochure – TKO 905LR – Plate Loaded Low Row


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